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Hire A Virtual Receptionist

No more stressing over missed calls and missed client opportunities. Or worse, losing them over having to talk to a robot recording or voicemail box time and time again. 

We help you grow your business by handling your phone calls with a smile and delighting your callers into lifelong customers. 

We’re a small team of expertly trained virtual receptionists at a fraction of the price of any in-house staff. 

Every call is answered by a real person beginning with “Hello…” as if we’re in your office building working.

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Use Hello! By Humans Virtual Receptionists For...

Answering Calls

Hello By Humans answers every call with a smile, routes calls as instructed, and sends thorough notes and call summaries to you via email and/or text.

Appointment Scheduling

We can integrate with your calendar or appointment scheduling software, schedule meetings and appointments on your behalf, and handle online orders.

Being Mobile

Hello By Humans handles calls appropriately, whether you’re in a meeting, traveling, or at lunch. Have calls transferred to wherever you are, whenever you need.

Security & Confidentiality

All of our virtual receptionists are trained in client confidentiality, and PCI compliance to ensure you, and your customer’s data are secure.

“We Answer With A Smile! We work everyday to make your clients love you.” – Hello! By Humans

Our Services

Virtual Receptionist Services

"We make your life easier and increase your business!"

What Our Customers Are Saying

Mark L.
Mark L.
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This is the coolest thing ever. I can have a live presence even when I'm on the golf course, at 1/10th the cost.
David M.
David M.
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I love this service. I have a full-time job, so it is great using Hello By Humans to answer the phones and book customers online while I do my day job!
Ashley V.
Ashley V.
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Hello By Humans provides such a great service for my law firm. We are able to engage clients we were missing previously when we were in a court session or busy in some other way.

Pricing Plans

Simple, straightforward, and affordably priced plans for your needs.


Start Off On The Right Foot
$ 119 Per Month
  • 60 Minutes Included
  • Online Scheduling
  • Voicemail Box Included
  • Overage rate of $2.50/minute


Maintain & Grow Your Business
$ 269 Per Month
  • 180 Minutes Included
  • Online Scheduling
  • Voicemail Box Included
  • Overage rate of $2.00/minute


Increase Your Business Exponentially
$ 429 Per Month
  • 300 Minutes Included
  • Online Scheduling
  • Voicemail Box Included
  • Overage rate of $1.75/minute

How Virtual Receptionist Services Can Increase Your Business

No More Missed Business Calls!

Free up your time and focus on what you do best! Having every call answered (by humans) increases your conversion rates at least 3-fold compared to voice recordings, call-trees, A.I., bots, etc., and of course, missing the calls altogether.

Are you losing revenue due to missed business calls?

Let us reclaim that lost revenue for you!

Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Start Your Risk Free Trial

Try us out for 14 days risk free. That'll be enough time for you to try us out and for us to onboard, set up, learn about your business, your voice, your vision, processes, your scripts, modify scripts (if necessary), gather FAQs, optimize, etc.

And if after the 14 days you like working with your Hello! By Humans receptionists, simply continue and we'll continue to serve and work to grow your company with you.

If not, no problem. There are no contracts. So, you may pause, cancel, upgrade, and continue your plan anytime.
Limited Time

Who We

Real Estate Brokers & Agents

A busy broker without in-house staff needs someone to answer the phone; otherwise, the potential client will move on to the next guy/gal on the list – that’s a valuable missed opportunity.

We can help real estate brokers and agents stand out by answering the phone calls that you can’t due to unavailability or call overflow.

Local Service Businesses

From carpet cleaners, cleaning services, plumbers, HVAC, painting, electricians, landscaping, etc., who service clients in their local markets, we’re here to take on the receptionist duties!

Keep your labor costs low and eliminate the stress of having to manage in-house staff.

We’ll take care of everything from inbound and outbound calls to booking appointments and providing estimates. 

With us, you get to do what you do best.


Hello By Humans Receptionists is a great solution for doctor’s office call overflow.

We’re able to take care of any overflow of calls and assist with scheduling appointments or changing appointment times.

All of our agents follow HIPAA compliance guidelines. We don’t access patient portals or any sensitive information outside of names and phone numbers.

Consulting & Marketing Firms

Whether you’re a lean startup or large agency, having our receptionists handle your calls will position your company to attract larger, quality clients.

With us, you can continue to focus on selling and fulfilling your work, not the mundane tasks that’ll distract you from your goals.

Have us screen your calls and transfer only qualified prospects over to you. With our “in-house” receptionist level of service, we can be champions of your brand, providing you with an edge by presenting an unmatched great first impression!

Travel, Activities & Tourism

Are you a tour guide operator, limo driver, or thrilling skydiving experience provider?

Have us answer your client’s questions, schedule bookings, confirm airport shuttle transfer pick-ups/drop-offs, make changes to itineraries, reply to emails, etc.

Work on what you do best while we’ll be your receptionist!


Whether you’re a solo attorney, small law firm, or a large one, we’re a perfect fit for you – I’ll explain why.

We know the competition amongst you and your colleagues is fierce in all specialties. The value we bring to attorneys, especially solo attorneys, is in providing the best first impression we can. 

Your potential clients are usually dialing down a list of 10 or more attorneys (your competition) for their particular type of case. If you miss the call, that’s it, opportunity ($$$) lost.

We are sure to answer those calls and respond quickly. We’ll provide you with 100% accurate note-taking in our call summary emails, and stick to your instructions to the “T”.

US Based Virtual Receptionist Services


We treat our clients more than just customers – we’re a part of the team!

When you work with us at Hello By Humans, you’ll understand what a genuine business relationship is like. We’re like your partners that work very hard to help you operate your company efficiently with your goals and vision in mind.

When that happens, everyone wins – you, us, and your customers.

Humans Serving Humans

The Human Touch – Our Basis

“As the world quickly moves to artificial intelligence, bot, robot, and an automated society, we opt to move in the opposite direction. We promote and aim to preserve the human element of serving other humans, which can never be truly replaced or replicated.

Don’t get us wrong; we’ll leverage the latest tech to be more efficient, increase conversions, and keep costs down for you. But it’ll never get in our way of serving you and your customers with passion and heart.

As we’ve all learned during the recent pandemic, people desire human connection. Provide that human connection with your business through us, your professional receptionist service company, and see your business increase naturally.” – Michael C., Hello By Humans, About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several differences between call centers and virtual receptionists. First, we’ll define the general related terms.

Call Center vs. Contact Center

A call center deals exclusively with call handling. An answering service is a perfect example of a call center (we like to call ourselves a fancy answering service).

A contact center (sometimes called OmniChannel, especially on the software side) deals with interaction on multiple platforms such as calls, SMS, live chat, email, social media commenting/direct messages, etc.

An example of this would be any of the internal call centers at a Fortune 500 company (Verizon, ComEd, Amazon).

Our Type Of Call Center

We are a remote, blended call center. 

A blended call center means we take care of INBOUND and OUTBOUND calls. We also are able to handle emails, live chat, DMs, directory inquiries, and more (inquire within).

Our call center is 100% remote, and every single one of our agents works from home.

That results in us being able to be more flexible, price lower, able to work with client’s systems more easily, and maneuver problems in ways our competitors can’t. In other words, you ultimately reap the benefits!

We appear to be an in-office receptionist. We give the impression to our client’s callers that we’re on-site.

We offer a higher quality level of service than what is offered by a traditional answering service like call center services or those offered by virtual offices.

We provide a more holistic approach to answering the phone and handling messages i.e. emails, live chat, social media direct messages, Yelp inquires, etc.

Virtual receptionist services vary from company to company.

Here is a list of what our Hello By Humans virtual receptionists does but are not limited to:

Take Inbound Calls

  • Take a message on the caller’s behalf.
  • Transfer the caller to the appropriate employee or department at the client company, depending on the caller’s needs.
  • Answer questions based on what the clients want to be answered, provided they give an easy way to access that information (on their website or through a FAQ).
  • Screen calls so that solicitors don’t get through. Act as a gatekeeper.

Screen & Transfer Calls

Make Outbound Calls

Clients can request calls from us by indicating the following:

1. The name of the person we’re calling
2. The purpose of the call
3. The phone number
(We generally do calls as requested one by one, but will delegate a few calls at once at our discretion)

Call Summary Emails

We provide a call summary of every call that comes in, including:

  1. Name of the caller (if we were able to capture it)
  2. Phone Number
  3. Category of the call (Call Disposition)
  4. Email/Company Name (if we were able to get it)
  5. Call notes (usually a description of what happened on the call)

In addition to our general virtual reception services, here are several things that we offer to do that’s unique to us:

Take Care Of Call Overflow

  • If your company has people answering the phone, but the phones are too busy for your current in-house setup, we can answer the “overflow” from your own system (Example: After 4 rings, the call transfers to our system).

Voicemail Box After Hours

  • We’ll send an email with a voicemail recording if a voicemail is left for you.
  • We’re able to provide voicemail transcriptions if you desire.
  • We’ll call back voicemails if requested.

Optional Services

  • We can send call note summaries via Text as well as email.
  • Live chat handling, respond to Social Media messages, respond to Yelp, Angi, Home Advisor and other directory listing inquiries.
  • We offer expanded coverage hours to 24 hours.
  • Client backend setup, integration, and maintenance (by partner company Digital Online Presence).
  • Assist in optimizing business systems for efficiency and to reduce costs.
  • And more!

Hello By Humans Virtual Receptionist Service’s coverage hours are from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday – Sunday in every US timezone (including Hawaii).

Do you have a question that we didn't answer here?

If you have any other questions not answered above, please call us at (206) 350-6554 or you may submit your question via our contact form here.

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