Virtual Receptionist for Law Firms

Is your law firm having trouble with missed calls and missed client opportunities? If you answered yes, Hello by Humans Virtual Receptionists is here to help!

We’re a crew of highly skilled virtual receptionists who cost a fraction of what in-house staff would. We’re an excellent fit for you, whether you’re a solo practitioner, a small law office, or a major firm. We understand that in all specializations, the competition between you and your peers is intense. We add value to attorneys by making the best first impression possible, particularly for solo practitioners.

Your prospective clients frequently narrow down a roster of 10 or more law firms (your rivals). If you don’t answer their call, you’ve missed your chance. We’ll make every effort to take those calls and respond as promptly as possible. We’ll give you 100% correct notes with our call summary emails, and we’ll follow your instructions to the letter.

There’s no need to be worried about missed calls or client opportunities. Or, even worse, losing them due to having to speak with a robotic recording in a voicemail box repeatedly. Each call is handled by a live person who starts with “Hello…” as if we were working from your office!

If you’re looking for a capable and experienced virtual receptionist for your legal practice, call Hello by Humans at (206) 350-6554 to sign up with our virtual receptionist services today!

Our Virtual Legal Receptionist Services

Every legal firm is unique, with a diverse range of clients and objectives. All small to medium-sized law firms, on the other hand, have two primary purposes in mind: assisting individuals with their legal issues and running an organization that can support (and compensate) everyone concerned.

Besides, you won’t be capable of taking on any more cases or assisting anyone, even yourself, if you can’t keep the power on. For a law practice like yours, having a virtual receptionist can be beneficial. Hiring a virtual receptionist, who has all of the training of a conventional legal office receptionist but is only paid by the calls they process, can help you establish a professional reputation among your clients and peers.

When you hire virtual receptionists for attorneys from a service like Hello by Humans, you’re getting people who work with lawyers like you every day. Our crew will give your callers the impression that they are speaking with a personal telephone answering service, while you will benefit from a clever, complete extension of your firm that you can count on at all times.

Here are some of the services that our virtual receptionists can provide:

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Mark L.
Mark L.
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This is the coolest thing ever. I can have a live presence even when I'm on the golf course, at 1/10th the cost.
David M.
David M.
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I love this service. I have a full-time job, so it is great using Hello By Humans to answer the phones and book customers online while I do my day job!
Ashley V.
Ashley V.
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Hello By Humans provides such a great service for my law firm. We are able to engage clients we were missing previously when we were in a court session or busy in some other way.

Call Answering

Hello by Humans will gladly take your calls, schedule appointments, jot down messages while you’re away from the office, transfer callers to the appropriate person within your organization, answer inquiries, and provide critical information about your firm.

Our skilled, knowledgeable receptionists can tell the difference between various calls and handle them according to your directions. 

You can plan call forwarding, whether it’s all the time, a few hours per day, or a few days per week.

Outbound Calling

To convert leads into clients, you’ll need patience and time, and your time is valuable. 

We can follow up on unsigned contracts and make sure your clients have everything they need to sign on the dotted line. 

Not only do we make outbound calls, but we also cultivate long-term connections as well. 

Our skilled receptionists reflect your dedication to your clients with each swift callback and positive first impression.

Email Handling

Handling emails has become a time-consuming and inefficient chore, with vital client messages and items hidden behind less valuable information.

All of your firm emails are managed by our email inbox handling service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without the need for out-of-office notifications or late replies. 

Your emails will be handled by a specialized team of agents who are familiar with your firm and client base. 

There is no cap on the number of messages that can be delivered or received, and the team can assist your customers with any additional needs.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support services are popular with clients because of their ease, quickness, and convenience. It’s a virtual channel with real-time engagement and the knowledge of a live human. 

Our agents are trained in legal reception, call handling, and scheduling, and they are qualified to chat with your clients.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist for Attorneys

Communication is a crucial part of the legal system, and it must be accessible at all times of the day and night. This isn’t achievable with conventional legal secretaries. 

When it comes to legal matters, a caller wants constant access to information and the capacity to contact someone who can help them. 

With a virtual receptionist, the clients who require your services the most can get them when they need them.

The following are some of the benefits of hiring a virtual legal receptionist:

Close More Leads

Every time someone phones your legal practice (excluding robocalls and spam calls, of course), you have the opportunity to get a new client. 

A virtual receptionist’s main job is to collect fresh leads that can later be converted into clients. 

Reliable virtual receptionist services focus considerably on quality training for their receptionists, ensuring that they are immediately suitable for your legal practice. 

They know how to probe fresh leads with pertinent questions and gradually steer them toward your offerings and areas of specialization. 

This also ensures that they can screen out callers who are unlikely to hire your firm, saving you time.

Schedule Appointments

You may give virtual receptionists access to your calendar and guide them to set up client appointments. 

This guarantees that your work runs smoothly and that any delays are minimized, resulting in satisfied clients who feel valued by your firm. 

You may also have them verify arrangements with clients so that no time is lost, and you can provide your clients with a personal touch they will appreciate.

Establish A Professional Reputation

A virtual receptionist conveys to your current and new clients that you are a respectable firm. 

This is crucial because, ultimately, your clients want someone to represent them and their interests. 

Conversely, no one wants to be connected with an incompetent or unprofessional firm in any industry, particularly involving the law.

Keep Your Expenses In Check

When you hire an on-site receptionist, every hour they spend at the front desk is an hour they bill your legal practice. 

This is applicable whether the phone is ringing nonstop or if it’s a calm day with only a few calls to manage over their whole shift. 

You can easily keep expenses in check with a virtual receptionist because you only spend for what you really need. 

You won’t have to pay a setup charge if you choose a live receptionist service, and you may terminate your service at any moment.

Services With A Great Deal of Flexibility

When you employ a virtual receptionist for law firms, you may customize it to meet your specific needs:

  • You have the option of selecting the programmed response they will use for each call.
  • Any messages from the client can be delivered to your email or by SMS to your phone.
  • You can have your calls forwarded in whatever way you want (call transfer, attended transfer, voicemail).
  • You can have them manage your appointment schedule for you.
  • You can even create basic call directions based on client criteria that you specify.

Depending on the requirements, you can add these features to the virtual receptionist service or use a basic setup.

Why Choose Hello By Humans?

When you collaborate with Hello By Humans, you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to have a meaningful professional relationship. We’re like your partners who work tirelessly to help you run your business effectively while keeping your vision and mission in mind.

  • Our mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism, dependability, integrity, quality, and credibility to you and your clients. When we achieve that, trust and long-term relationships between the firm and its clients develop inevitably.
  • Team Hello is dedicated to giving your company a world-class first impression. Our courteous representatives will gladly answer your calls, receive messages as necessary, route calls as directed, and promptly reply to any inbound client inquiries.
  • We consider our work to be more than a job, and we believe that by assisting smaller firms, we can make a meaningful impact in the world. We do so by:
    • Turning callers to long-term clients for the firms we represent, bringing joy to every engagement, and answering each call with a smile.
    • Ensuring that the firms we represent do not miss out on opportunities due to unanswered calls.
    • Allowing our clients to focus on building their businesses by freeing up their time.
    • Respecting and treating everyone with whom we come into contact.

If you need a professional and competent virtual receptionist for your legal office, look no further! Call Hello By Humans at (206) 350-6554 to learn more about our virtual receptionist services today.

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